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Why SmartCareMD?

Solutions for a Changing Landscape

From state-run health exchanges, to the adoption of Electronic Medical Records, to the advent of value-based tracking and reimbursement systems, the healthcare landscape is continually shifting.

No group is impacted more by these changes than independent physicians and practitioners, who must balance time spent caring for patients with the challenges of running a modern medical practice.

Recent Statistics:

  • 61% often state feelings of burnout. (2021 Survey of American Physicians: Practice Patterns and Perspectives)
  • 31% cited “Paperwork” contributed most to burnout. (Medical Economics, January 2021)
  • 13.5 hours per week are spent on tasks other than direct patient care (WSJ Business, August 10, 2020)
  • Addressing administrative complexity and regulatory burden is 25 percentage points higher than other priority issues – including increased payment (AAFP, February 2020)

Independent physicians have never been more challenged to grow their business while delivering high quality care. SmartCareMD can help physicians do both.